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Whose behind the camera, well let's find out

Well if you have clicked on this blog that means one of two things, one you are an eager friend or relative who is supporting me in my passion and business (to those of you I am truly grateful) and are interested to know what I have written. Two you have no clue who I am and after looking at my website and thinking "huh this is interesting work", you want to know a bit more about myself, so let's get started.

This is not what I look like now, but its one of the only photos where I have of myself in front of camera. Won a free photoshoot, so did my best to show off my pearly whites.

Hi there my name is Selina and I am a photographer. This is my website better yet known as my online portfolio where I showcase all my photography projects that I have done previously and continue to do so from portraits, to my travels, and personal /work assignments. I started pursuing photography when I was in UNI, which is where I received a BA in Photography. During my time there I learned the aspects of expressing ideas (that flutter in my brain) visually. At the time I was learning more about conceptual photography. Conceptual photography, for those who don’t know what it is, it’s mainly photography that focuses on the idea rather than the technical aspect of photography. It can be very experimental, I was exploring the art of the medium for 4 years. An example of my conceptual photography work is my project "Desire to See" which you can find in my gallery. However since then I have branched out into this world and I have been discovering and learning to hone my niche in photography. I am still discovering different parts of photography, but I have realised one thing that I'm always shooting my surroundings. I love documenting where I am and sometimes who I am with.

There is so much out here in the world and I love to explore it from places to people, that I don’t want to forget it so I use my #camera to not only #document the experience but to capture the memory. It may sound cheesy but it’s true. The sheer joy I get when printing out a photograph or even looking at a photograph it brings out so many wonderful, loving, happy, and funny memories that makes me laugh ( or sometimes cringe) depends on the memory. Either way being a photographer I want to help create those experiences for people, whether it be one’s family, a newlywed couple or even a small business. I want people to look back at these #photographs and get a source of fulfilment and joy.

TRAVEL | ROAD TRIP from MONTREAL TO FLORIDA Taken at Golden Sands hotel in Florida 2014

Carnival parade outside my house in Montreal, Canada 2014. The colours, the music..ah it was fun!

Here on this blog I will be sharing my stories with you about photography, projects I have done, inspirations, my travels, the works. I’m still trying to find my niche in photography, I’m learning and growing like everyone else. However what I do know is that I am passionate about #photography. Oh and #food I could also talk about all things food right now but, this blog is for my photography and it might take a while. But if you are interested in food you can check out my other blog, and you can see some of my yummy creations under the section FOOD.

Thanks for reading my first #blog, if you haven’t given a gander at my #website and seen my galleries, please give it look and if you are interested in booking a shoot or working together on a project please do not hesitate, send me an email.

Have a great week ahead!

Side Note: Can you believe we are that much closer to 2020. This year is flying by, its almost AUGUST!

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